Nothing much

I did get a short walk with LuAnn this morning after the laundry man was here with the first delivery for the Wayfarer of the year.

We walked towards the water and ended up seeing Lee, of Roger and Lee, who had just come back to town after living the life of  “Tin Can Tourists” driving all over the U.S. for an entire 6 weeks.  They had a great time, the women in this town didn’t – we all needed a haircut 😉

Lee's house

That’s Lee, in the red sweater, in front of her house.  I must have had the settings wrong on my camera; today’s pictures turned out to look like we have gloomy weather.  I’ll put up a better picture soon.  It’s a beautiful house which use to have a pond in the front yard.  Everyone that’s driven up Forest Avenue has seen that house.  It is one block east of the Lake.  I say “use to” because as soon as those two came home from their trip, they tore out that pond in order to make way for a brick oven.  I can already taste some of Roger’s food coming out of that oven, so it is all good.  Besides, it has  always been a little  difficult to keep some of the party-goers, who had a little too much fun at R & L’s house, from falling into the pond 😆

2 thoughts on “Nothing much

  1. Christine Tilley

    I’m enjoying your blog very much. I’ve always been a little nosey and love getting a glimpse of Michigan. Keep the pics coming. Hope you are having a good day.

  2. Hi Christine, I am indeed having a good day. I just came back from a birthday lunch in town. I’ll report about that later 🙂
    Thanks for sticking with me here

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