A Tuesday in mid-April

Well, yesterday really did turn out to be a very busy day.
First, I have to report on Bear – he is fine now, the limp is almost gone.
Second, I have been taking reservations like crazy yesterday.

After dropping off TheBoyzz at school earlier this morning, I noticed something new in town.  Horses. Traveling home on M-22 between Frankfort and Elberta at the Red Barn Farm (that’s what I call it) right across the street from the Betsie Bay,  a whole herd of beautiful horses where before there were a whole bunch of black cows.  See for yourself, they are pretty Horses at the Red Barn Farm on M-22 here’s another

Horses on M-22 and just one more

Horses on M-22 - 1

Today for the first time, the laundry service is coming.  It is always a bit stressful, because the driver likes to talk my ear off.  I am the one that does that to people, not the other way around 🙄

One thought on “A Tuesday in mid-April

  1. […] went into town to take Marc to the Dentist for his usual 6 month thing and right next to the red barn with the horses on M-22 in Frankfort, there’s Cindy Larson’s house – The old one […]

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