A hectic Monday Morning

So many unexpected things are happening this moring. I called LuAnn – twice.
The first time to tell her that I couldn’t walk with her because Bear needed to go to the Vet.  He started limping really bad.  His left front paw is hurting him but I couldn’t see anthing wrong with it. I called LuAnn to tell her that and to tell her I would stop by for a quick cup of coffee only and no walking.  Then Mike called because the emergency break on the little truck went out and to pick him up from Mix’s Service in Elberta.  That’s when I called LuAnn the second time.
No walking and no coffee.

Now Bear is at the Vet’s with Mike and I am waiting to hear what is going on.  Meanwhile I need to take care of the cottages.
# 6 needs taking care of and so do # 4 and # 7
We were busy this weekend mostly with women and their pooches.
One came to get away from family and to find some time to do her bead work. Another is “addicted to the Lake” and has to have her fix once or twice a month 🙂

Hi ho, hi ho, off to work we go.  I’ll check back in with news of Bear.


Bear is back and the diagnosis is that his arthritis is getting really bad.  I was out of his usual seaweed supplement for a week and since then he’s deteriorated that much.  I feel horrible.  Mike is picking some up today and of course we have a prescription for the arthritis.

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