April is…

If you think that there’s nothing going on but cold weather in April, think again. April is Michigan Wine Month
In a couple of weeks, some of my girlfriends and I will start our monthly Wine Tour Lunch.  This tour usually starts around 8 AM, when all the kids have been dropped off in school.  We drive up M-22 and we stop and shop and taste wine and buy too many bottles.  Then of course we have to have lunch.  We love stopping at Boondocks in Glen Arbor.  They make a really great Bloody Mary. Speaking of Bloody Marys,  at the Cove in Fishtown, they serve a “Chubby Mary” which …well, see for yourself:


Do I look like I am in love?

If you like fish like I like fish, you’ll love that drink – a bloody Mary with a smoked chub in it, yumm.  They list it on the drinks menu and on the appetizer menu and they will serve it to you with crackers and fork and knife.  It’s delicious.

Back to Michigan wines. here we are at Chateau Fontaine

Here we are at Chateau Fontaine looking like we had quite a bit of wine already.

My friend Debbie at Gill's Pier
My friend Deb at Gill’s Pier

8 thoughts on “April is…

  1. Christine Tilley

    Your pics are great but that drink scares me! Have a Happy Easter!

    • Christine, do you recognize lovemysons and doughnut in that picture?

      And really, there’s nothing to be scared of 😉 it’s delicious, come visit and try one with me

      • I did recongnize them. You guys had alot of fun during your get together. Looking forward to hearing all about MMM II. I would love to visit one day but I’m still iffy about the drink!

      • Ivanka(aka lovemysons)

        Oh boy, I can definitely vouch for the fun to be had on tasting and lunching days…

  2. Let me know the date…I would love to try a “Chubby Mary” with you..

  3. the chubby mary looks good. i will have to show that to my friend Carrie she loves bloody marys, but i don’t know if she would like that one.

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