April Calendar of Events

Today’s Record Patriot, the weekly published local newspaper posted the calendar of events for April:

Scheduled for the 11th is the annual Easter Egg Hunt  at Mineral Springs Park,  starting at 10 AM – it most likely will last about 2.5 seconds.  Amazing how busy kids get when there’s chocolate and other goodies to look forward to.  Mike used to be the guy who made all the kids line up and then he would give the (extremely loud) OK to start the hunt.  No bullhorn was needed.  He hasn’t done it in a few years.

Then there are a few dates for the Frankfort Library and the Benzie Shores Library.  Something, something discussion groups.  Since I have very little time to read, I won’t be discussing anything there.  One of these days I’ll be retired and able to have lunch and discuss 🙂

The Farmer’s Market is still operating out of the Community Center across the street from the Frankfort Tackle Box I hear from Christine, who is still in Florida,  that Brian is going to open that Tackle Box next week.  It’s about time. We have fishermen in town and here at the Wayfarer who need their hooks, lines and sinkers (pun intended)

Back  to the Farmer’s Market.  In Frankfort it is held every Saturday all year long. In the really cold season, indoors and when the weather gets managable, outside between the Port City Smokehouse and the Community Center and across the street from Woody’s Motorcycle Shop.

I have not been able to get down to the Saturday market,  actually, I keep forgetting about it 😦  I am looking forward to the Thursday market in Elberta though, having purchased a crop share which I can pick up there every week. I am looking forward to feeding my family some interesting, fresh vegetables this summer.

7 thoughts on “April Calendar of Events

  1. Local farmers markets are a treasure. What kind of “crops” are strong in your area? Do I remember something about asparagus?

  2. Iris, you are too busy to read because you are always on the computer!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on this site.
    It was delightful reading and makes me want to be there, but I’ll wait until those snow patches disappear!

  4. Your blog is coming along nicely! Thanks for the add to your blogroll, that’s awesome. I’ll keep checking in to see how you’re doing.


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