Getting ready…


So tomorrow a longtime guest and his son are coming in to stay until Saturday morning.  They are part of a group of really nice guys who come up every year the week before Easter to fish their hearts out.  Everyone brings boats and partners and then the frenzie begins.   Eric is the first one to come and on Wednesday the rest of the group will be here.  Of course they are so anxious to get here that they arrive in the morning.  Too early for check in.  Since I know that, I am prepared for it and in the slow season I am happy to have everything ready for them.  I wish that I could do that for all my guest even in the summertime.  Since I am the only person taking care of the rooms, that’s not possible.  A magic wand would be great.   This is what I want to see



I tutor in elementary school on Mondays and Wednesdays.  At 3 pm I made my way over there to find out that I wasn’t needed because my little friend, Brandon, hadn’t returned from spring break in San Francisco.   I can’t wait to hear all he has to tell about this trip. He was so excited to go.

5 thoughts on “Getting ready…

  1. Yeah, but what will you do with the snow???

  2. A frenzie sounds fun right about now. What kind of fish does one find this time of year?

  3. Your part of the world is so pretty. You’re such a busy lady. How do you do it all? Know the computer addiction, I’m trying to wean myself. Good luck with your season opener.

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