Fun with girlfriends

Two friends of mine – Katie and Stephanie- and I thought it might be nice to blow the dust off of ourselves and go for some appetizers and well deserved cocktails at the Roadhouse Cantina in Benzonia.  Everyone always has a great time there.  Matt  serves great drinks and the food is wonderful.  We sat at the bar, saw people we hadn’t seen in a while, drank sangria and margaritas and ate those incredible chips with that out-of-this-world salsa

As predicted, it snowed last night after some rain during the evening.  It is getting tiresome, after all it is April…

Trying to ignore the gray sky and wetness coming down, I decided to embellish the cute bunny shaped rice crispy treats, that I made this morning, with melted chocolate.  Yumm.  They not only look great, they taste incredible.  Rice crispy treats are new to me, I got my first taste of them this past January at Disney World.

If you know me, you know that I cannot follow a recipe without “messing” with it and putting my own stamp on it – I decided to make the marshmallows myself, instead of buying those horrid things that can be found at the grocery store.  There is nothing to it and it doesn’t take but 15 minutes to make them.

My first attempt  was a success. Yay!


Does this need explaining? 8)

Today has been a busy day.  I have taken a lot of reservations and answered many questions that came to me via email.  Things are looking up.  I was a little worried about what this year might bring.  Slowly but surely things are getting settled and I am really looking forward to having a hustle and bustle here at Wayfarer Lodgings .  This afternoon I am washing all the cottage curtains. When that’s done they’ll need to be ironed – not my favorite thing in the world but I get it done.  After that, I might as well move on to ironing Mike’s shirts for work.

3 thoughts on “Fun with girlfriends

  1. curiousdomestic

    That’s so cute! I love the little chocolate ears. NOM!!!

  2. heehee, those ears were bitten off first and they were nommy indeed 🙂

  3. […] Stephanie not knowing that she’ll be on the blog, heehee […]

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